XMPP Berlin Sprint 2019

By Xavi

For the very first time I had the magnific chance to attend an XMPP sprint. It was the first time I visited the beautiful and charming city of Berlin as well so it was a great incentive. However the best experience so far was meeting with so many interesting people focused on improving the ecosystem and helping people to communicate better.

As one of the XEP-0382’s co-authors, the goal on this sprint was to try to implement it on Kaidan so that it can be used and thus we can get some valuable feedback from users, client developers and members of the community in order to improve the XEP in every possible way.

On the objectives part, from here it goes a huge thanks to lnj and jbb for the friendly and fast onboarding on Kaidan, as well as for the guidance and collaboration. Thanks to them it was possible to accomplish the goal within the sprint so I couldn’t be more happy!

The event was a total blast greatly because of Tim, our magnific host that organized the event and took care of everyone, and debacle the ceremony master who took care of the meetings and coordination.

So… last but not least here’s a graphical evidence of the achievement degree on the sprint:

Next steps are to implement support for XEP-0382 in Qxmpp and use the library in Kaidan instead (already in progress)